If you’re looking to control every device and system in your home, you don’t have to look any further that Control4 smart home operating system.

At HCI, we have authorized access to the full product line of Control4 and can recommend the correct device for any project you may have. These devices control lighting, heating and cooling systems, home theater systems, whole house audio, and more.

Additionally, we supply Control4 devices, including those that incorporate security and monitoring features allowing communication from remote locations via the push of a button.

With the Control4 automation system, you can control single devices, rooms, and even your entire home. Our partnership with Control4 ensures we deliver ease and convenience to your home, which in turn allows you to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

The scope of your project is only limited by your imagination.With Control4, you can integrate the system with your mobile apps and phones, touchscreen interfaces, and in-home communication. This makes it easy to see who is at your door, help them make a delivery, and secure your home after they’ve gone even when you’re not in.

If you are looking for a personalized solution for your home, you don’t have to look any further than our range of Control4 Smart Home solutions. These solutions are completely customizable and can fit your space and budget while making your home safe, efficient and fun.

How we can make your home smart with the Control4 Smart Home Devices

Smart Lighting

With the Control4 Lighting, your routine is made a lot easier because one tap or voice command can turn on selected lights to help you cook, entertain, or get ready for the day.

Multi-room Audio

You can also play all your favorite music in one room or every room from your favorite streaming services.

Climate Control

With the Control4 Climate Control, the battle of the thermostat can finally be won. You can cozy up with climate control that your entire family can agree on, using smart scheduling, voice control capabilities, even integrations with shades and fans.

Home Security

Imagine how secure you’d feel if your home sends you real-time notifications, alerts you of guests at the door, and even turns on lights and TVs while you’re away to deter home invasions.

Home Network

We know that a strong, reliable home network is the backbone to every smart home and you can start your smart home journey right with the robust Control4 home network.

Home Theater

With the Control Home Theatre Solution, we can make your home cinema experience so immersive you won’t ever want to step into a theater again. Our solution gives you total control of the lights, temperature, speakers, and all entertainment gear.

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Intercom Anywhere

The ability to check in on your home and communicate with your loved ones is right in the palm of your hand, with the attractive and easy-to-use Control4 intercom app, including smart doorbell, video communication tool.

Voice Control

You can completely control your home’s lighting, audio, entertainment, security, and more, using only your voice. With the Control4 hands-free, your life just got simpler.

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