Home Automation Design: The Basics

We deliver the best home automation technology to help improve your life. With our home automation, we make you feel empowered in your home because our automation system will make sure every interaction is meaningful.

With our smart home system, we put amazing features at your fingertips. For instance, you can use the touchscreen, keypad, voice or app to connect your entire home allowing you enjoy a personalized experience.


With our smart bulbs, smart fixtures and control systems, you can do amazing things with your house lighting; from programming your lights to turn on or off at specific times to controlling your lights with simple voice commands.

Our smart bulbs have the unique feature of generating light of different colors, different intensities and with different effects. So, when next you’re thinking of throwing a party, you don’t need any special installation, just use your house music playlist while your house lights provides thestrobing colors.


Our home automation solution can also be integrated with your home security. In fact, incorporating your security with a home automation technology is a key component of any smart home.

With our smart home security systems, you can arm and disarm them from anywhere through your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can use network-enabled cameras to see who’s at your door and then unlock your front door remotely if it’s someone that needs access to your house.


With our smart automation, you can have music playing throughout the house just by using simple voice commands. You can also apply the same to your video by having your DVR send recorded television programs or live TV to any screen in the house.

The system can be used to power on your TV and play your favorite movie when you get home from work. You can also use it to give your kids voice access to all their favorite programs with smart parental controls. Additionally, you can watch the feeds from your security cameras right on your television.


When you forget to close your window shades or blinds, our home automation solution can fix that with just a single tap on your device whenever and wherever you are. Also, you can have specific shades open at specific times to wake you up naturally instead of depending on loud alarm clocks.

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