At HCI, we provide a unique range of services that grant you full control of your home, transforming your space from ordinary to incredible.


With our proven track record and profound experience, we can help you make the right decisions by providing recommendations on how to use our products and solutions to achieve your desired result.

We can help you get up to speed on the latest innovations and trends and with our collaborative approach, expect ideas and creative suggestions on how to incorporate technology in your business or to enhance your life at home.

Project Specification

At HCI, we have a team of architects and engineers that apply their knowledge and expertise in documenting the necessary requirements for your project.

Typically, the work entails preparing contract documents and construction requirements. During the documentation, we will describe the type and quality of every product required for the project, including functionality, installation, and finishingthereby ensuring that industry standards are followed where necessary.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering teamincludes architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and affected sub-contractors. During this phase, your interior is planned out in advance and we will provide you with everything from wiring infrastructure, hardware location, control device placement, user interface design, power management and blending equipment with architectural elements.

Our in-house lighting experts will create an efficient and elegant lighting solution that illuminates your space for function and aesthetics. We consult and collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors. You’ll receive documentation for fixture specifications, placement, and electrical plans. Combing our technical acumen and sensitive design techniques the light will beautifully elevate the experience of your space. Post-installation we focus and aim fixtures to optimize how light strikes objects and surfaces.

Project Management

We know that your project requires effective planning, organizing, and allocating resources to make sure it’s completed on time and with the desired result at fit and finish.

This is why our team of dedicated project managers are always available to supervise every detail of the project and consistently communicate with the contractor, subcontractors, and owner.

From the audio/video system to the lighting control, climate, security, networking, etc., we take a proactive approach and ensure we communicate with you every step of the way.

Wire Installation

Even though you can’t see it behind the walls, wire and cabling play a crucial role in the electronic infrastructure of your home automation system. In fact, the quality of the performance of your audio/video, security, CCTV, networking, and communications is dependent on the quality of the wire installation.

Our technicians will help you design and implement all of your cabling solutions, whether you’re building a new home or upgrading an existing space. We strive to ensure that only appropriate wiring and service is provided in order to optimize performance and allow for easy maintenance or future upgrades.


When it is time to put all the parts and pieces together, we ensure the application of smart technology and the integrated systems is carried out with skill, precision, and finesse.

We know how to optimize the installation, and we take pride in executing your system design with quality craftsmanship.


We make sophisticated technology easy to use and simple for any user to get a high level of performance with our extensive level of programming done at the back end.

Our programmers balance the technical know-how with the human element so you won’t need a manual filled with lots of instructions whether you’re using a touch screen, keypad, remote, or smart device to control your system.

System Monitoring

Whether it’s the dashboard on a touch screen or a secure software application on a computer or smart device, our system monitoring solution provides real-time information on the status of your lighting, temperature, security, and more.

You can access these systems 24/7 regardless of where you are. Additionally, you can schedule maintenance and optimize the performance of these systems for functionality and energy savings.

Maintenance & Support

We know your equipment need regular maintenance and perhaps replacement of parts from time to time. This is why we provide continued tuning and system adjustments at regular intervals based on your unique solution to maximize performance levels.

Additionally, when something goes wrong, we are always available to fix it quickly. Overall, our culture of continuous innovation ensures we provide the necessary information on the latest technology that can be integrated into your electronic equipment to enhance performance.

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