Wi-Fi and Cell Signal Boosters

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a smart home is cellular connectivity. However, many homeowners do not know that it can be an overwhelming task if the initial set up is not done correctly. Particularly, if you use multiple devices in a crowded area, the configuration has to be done properly to get it right else there will be tricky spots around your home where you lose cell phone signal.

At HCI, we can help you with cellular connectivity whether you’re using a wired or wireless connectivityso you will get the best out of your connection.

If you have pre-wired your home, the procedure is usually simple but if your home hasn’t been pre-wired and you have cables tacked to walls, you will require fairly major work to have them hidden away inside walls, under floors, and through ceilings.

To prevent all of these problems, all you need do is call us at HCI to supply, install, set up, and configure your home network. We’ll take the time to understand what your needs are and set up your network accordingly.

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